Tough sturdy renewable energy charged electric bikes and tricycles, branded and backstopped by trained community support services, provide an avenue for marginalized and poor families to overcome distances to services and contribute to dynamic local economies. Powered through community based off grid energy supply, e-tricycles will provide the incentive for increased economic opportunities, creating new local markets and enhancing rural livelihoods.

With the advent of the revolution in renewable energy and enormous global investment in electric transport, there is no reason the world’s poorest people should be bypassed. The UN Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change has already acknowledge the urgent need for countries to transition from fossil fuel to green technology.  If we are to succeed in reducing global warming, we need to make sure that transition happens in both rich and poor countries.

In many parts of rural Africa, neither regular supplies of energy or petrol are available.  This means most transport is expensive, often unreliable and doesn’t reach many rural off-road areas.  The growing availability of low-cost renewable energy, along with the huge investment in battery technology to drive vehicles, means we have the potential to transform rural areas.  Like with the advent of digital technology, Africa can leapfrog its development to benefit from these new technological opportunities.