Mobility for Africa, registered in Zimbabwe under parent company Locomotion for Africa, is working with a strategic Chinese partner, and social impact investors, to build a market, using a social enterprise model that provides a package of services from skills to low income financing.

Robust, renewable energy charged electric tricycles, branded and backstopped by trained community support services, can provide an avenue for communities to overcome these distances and contribute to dynamic local economies. Powered through community based off grid energy supply, e-tricycles could provide the incentive for increased economic activity, creating new local markets and enhancing rural livelihoods.

A pilot targeting small scale farmers will determine questions related to usage, financial sustainability, technology, including renewable and GPS, and the social and economic impact on households. Mobility for Africa will establish a local manufacturing joint venture to expand distribution including to other countries in Southern and Eastern Africa.

To bring clean energy solar powered electric transport solutions to women and their families that are affordable, efficient and adapted to peri urban and rural areas in Sub Saharan Africa.

  • By doing so to empower rural women in Sub Saharan Africa with transport that can help them save time, better sell their goods at the market, take their children to the clinic and school, collect water, as well as improve their economic opportunities within the households and local communities.
  • To contribute to improving the quality of life of women and their families.
  • To contribute to expanding renewal energy for transport in Africa contributing to longer term sustainability and mitigating climate change.

To create renewable community-based transport solutions for Sub Saharan Africa that is affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly. By building a model that reinforces and builds local distribution networks, seeks to change behavior and empower women, and works on a sustainability model that also creates shared economies, Mobility for Africa will create new opportunities and improve the quality of life for rural communities.